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Quantitative Reasoning


Some categories under the current curriculum and the new curriculum may have the same name but different criteria. The same application form may be used for both.


QR Proposal Form v5 (Word Document)

Instructions for Vol Core Proposals

To submit a proposal, please complete the application and save it as a single PDF file that also contains your syllabus and a sample of at least one significant assignment for the course. Save your PDF file by the course name, category, and date (e.g. engl101WC080921).

The PDF should be uploaded AND emailed to the General Education Committee.

If you are submitting a revision, please also include a brief written “Response to Reviewers” explaining how the requested revisions have been addressed. This “Response to Reviewers” should be included in your single PDF file and the file should be save by course name, category, and the revision and date (e.g. engl101WCrevision050120).

Your submission will be a single merged PDF including:

  1. Vol Core Submission Form
  2. Syllabus
  3. At least one significant assignment
  4. Response to Reviewers (if it is a resubmission)

Tips on creating single PDF files

If you can put all of your word files in a single word document and then save it as a PDF file, that will be the easiest approach. PDFs are created by going to Print🡪 PDF🡪save as PDF. If you need to merge multiple PDFs, they can be merged through various tools (such as Adobe,, or

NOTE: AFTER YOU SUBMIT A PROPOSAL, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL LETTING YOU KNOW IT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If you do not receive that confirmation email within 72 hours, your proposal was not successfully submitted and you need to submit it again. If you continue to have difficulties submitting, please email us to let us know.

You will also receive emails as your proposal moves through the review process. The review process begins with a General Education Subcommittee approval and then goes to the General Education Committee for approval. From there it goes to the Undergraduate Council for approval and finally to the Faculty Senate. Until you receive notification that your course proposal has been approved by the Faculty Senate, it is not eligible to be listed as a Vol Core course.

You may track your submitted proposal through the review process.

Rubric for Student Assessment

Quantitative Reasoning Rubric for Student Assessment

Subcommittee Members

Approved Courses

  • Current curriculum: See the General Education Requirements page of the undergraduate catalog.
  • Volunteer Core curriculum:
    • ANTH 446 – Archaeological Statistics
    • ARCH 461 – Design Development Integrations
    • BUAD 202 – Personal Finance
    • CLAS 446 – Archaeological Statistics
    • DATA 201 – Data Knowledge and Discovery
    • EEB 310 – Evolution, Disease, and Medicine
    • EEB 411 – Biostatistics
    • EEB 471 – Aquatic Macroecology and Conservation
    • EEB 475 – Mathematical Biology for Non-Math People
    • EEB 476 – Theoretical Ecology and its Applications
    • GEOG 415 – Quantitative Methods in Geography
    • MATH 113 – Mathematical Reasoning
    • MATH 115 – Statistical Reasoning
    • MATH 117 – Honors: Mathematical Reasoning
    • MATH 123 – Finite Mathematics
    • MATH 125 – Basic Calculus
    • MATH 132 – Calculus 1B Infused with Precalculus
    • MATH 141 – Calculus I
    • MATH 142 – Calculus II
    • MATH 147 – Honors: Calculus I
    • MATH 148 – Honors: Calculus II
    • MATH 151 – Mathematics for the Life Sciences I
    • MATH 152 – Mathematics for the Life Sciences II
    • MUTC 290 – Sound Recording Techniques
    • MUTH 220 – Theory IV
    • PHIL 130 – Critical Thinking
    • PHIL 235 – Formal Logic
    • POLS 420 – Political Attitudes and Behavior
    • SOWK 410 – Social Work Research
    • SOWK 417R – Honors: Social Work Research
    • STAT 201 – Introduction to Statistics
    • STAT 207 – Honors: Introduction to Statistics