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Applied Oral Communication


See draft of the catalog copy for the Volunteer Core Curriculum.


AOC Proposal Form v5 (Word Document)
Vol Core AOC Proposal Instructions
AOC Proposal Common Mistakes
Sample AOC Proposal Form v3.2021

To submit a proposal, please complete the application and save it as a single PDF file that also contains your syllabus and a sample of at least one significant assignment for the course. Save your PDF file by the course name, category, and date (e.g. engl101WC080921).

The PDF should be uploaded AND emailed to the General Education Committee.

If you are submitting a revision, please also include a brief written “Response to Reviewers” explaining how the requested revisions have been addressed. This “Response to Reviewers” should be included in your single PDF file and the file should be save by course name, category, and the revision and date (e.g. engl101WCrevision050120).

Your submission will be a single merged PDF including:

  1. Vol Core Submission Form
  2. Syllabus
  3. At least one significant assignment
  4. Response to Reviewers (if it is a resubmission)

Tips on creating single PDF files

If you can put all of your word files in a single word document and then save it as a PDF file, that will be the easiest approach. PDFs are created by going to Print🡪 PDF🡪save as PDF. If you need to merge multiple PDFs, they can be merged through various tools (such as Adobe,, or

NOTE: AFTER YOU SUBMIT A PROPOSAL, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL LETTING YOU KNOW IT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. If you do not receive that confirmation email within 72 hours, your proposal was not successfully submitted and you need to submit it again. If you continue to have difficulties submitting, please email us to let us know.

You will also receive emails as your proposal moves through the review process. The review process begins with a General Education Subcommittee approval and then goes to the General Education Committee for approval. From there it goes to the Undergraduate Council for approval and finally to the Faculty Senate. Until you receive notification that your course proposal has been approved by the Faculty Senate, it is not eligible to be listed as a Vol Core course.

You may track your submitted proposal through the review process.

Rubric for Student Assessment

Applied Oral Communication Rubric for Student Assessment

Subcommittee Members

Approved Courses

  • Current curriculum: See the General Education Requirements page of the undergraduate catalog.
  • Volunteer Core curriculum:
    • ADVT 450 – Advertising Management
    • ALEC 303 – Analysis of Leadership Approaches and Styles
    • ANTH 494 – Primate Behavior
    • AREC 442 – Advanced Agribusiness Management
    • ASL 311 – Advanced American Sign Language I: Educational Contexts
    • BCMB 452 – Independent Research in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
    • BCMB 452R – Independent Research in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
    • BCMB 455 – Scientific Communication
    • BSE 403 – Design Presentation and Reporting
    • BUAD 300 – Insight: Becoming Personally and Professionally Aware as a Leader
    • CE 399 – Senior Design I
    • CE 399S – Senior Design I
    • CFS 405 – Development of Professional Skills
    • EEB 419 – Global Change Ecology
    • EF 438 – Honors: Interdisciplinary Senior Design II
    • ESS 462 – Environmental Climatology
    • JREM 499 – Enterprise and Leadership in Media
    • KNS 331 – Exercise Psychology
    • KNS 431 – Psychosocial Aspects of Youth Sport
    • KNS 435 – Human Obesity
    • MICR 495 – Senior Seminar: Perspectives in Microbiology
    • MSE 489 – Materials Design
    • MUTH 305 – Italian Musical Styles
    • PSYC 294 – Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
    • PSYC 297 – Honors: Research Methods in Psychology Laboratory
    • SPAN 423 – Advanced Composition and Conversation
    • SPED 470 – Psychology of the Exceptional Child
    • SPED 474 – Application of Special Education Principles and Practices
    • THEA 430 – Directing for the Stage