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Volunteer Core (General Education) Committee

Members 2023-2024

Elected UG Council Members

Justin Arft, College of Arts and Sciences
Mari Beth Coleman, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Craig Ruff, Haslam College of Business
Brittany Shelton, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Jason Strickling, Haslam College of Business
Nick Zhou, Tickle College of Engineering

Ex-officio Members

Katherine Ambroziak, College of Architecture and Design
Michael Danquah, Tickle College of Engineering
George Drinnon, Haslam College of Business
Lars Dzikus, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Ozlem Kilic, College of Emerging and Collaborative Studies
Julie Longmire, College of Communication and Information
Brendan McConville, College of Music
Robert Mindrup, College of Social Work
Phillip Moore, College of Nursing
John Scheb, Howard H. Baker, Jr. School of Public Policy and Public Affairs
John Stier, Herbert College of Agriculture
Liem Tran, College of Arts and Sciences
Michelle Violanti, Chair

Volunteer Core (General Education) Subcommittee Chairs

Melinda Backer and Sean Morey (Co-chairs), Written Communication
Kristen Block, Global Citizenship – United States
Chuck Collins, Quantitative Reasoning
Sarah Colby, Global Citizenship – International
Megan Fields, Oral Communication
Barbara Murphy, Arts and Humanities
Lee Murphy, Natural Sciences
Lisi Schoenbach, Applied Arts & Humanities
Carrie Ann Stephens, Social Sciences
Kelley Amanda Strohacker and Hongping Zhang (Co-chairs), Engaged Inquiries
Michelle Violanti, Applied Oral Communication

Other Appointees

Alison Connor, Office of the University Registrar
Michael McFall, Institutional Effectiveness
Shanna Pendergrast, Advising
Erin Whitaker, University Libraries

Student Member

Jenna Ciesla